Next-level CSS Toolkit

v3.0 · 11KB

Simple, responsive CSS toolkit based on OOCSS principles

BASSCSS is a lightweight collection of highly reusable styles and utilities designed for speed, performance, and scalability. Use it out of the box or as the base for a larger project.


11KB minified and designed for reusability


Selectors designed for speed


Utility styles to handle the bulk of the work


Sass variables and styles open for extension

Code Faster

Spend less time writing CSS


Based on a consistent scale for type and layout

Responsive Type Scale

With type utilities to make fine grain adjustments

Hamburger 1

Hamburger 2

Hamburger 3

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet chuck prosciutto landjaeger ham hock filet mignon shoulder hamburger pig venison. Ham bacon corned beef, sausage kielbasa flank tongue pig drumstick capicola swine short loin ham hock kevin.

Caps Italic Bold Regular

Layout Utilities

With a suite of basic styles and a white space scale

Class Description
.inlinedisplay: inline
.blockdisplay: block
.inline-blockdisplay: inline-block
.ohoverflow: hidden
.clearfixClears floated children
.leftfloat: left
.rightfloat: right


With styles that work with basic layout utilities


Sized to match forms and other elements

Responsive Grid System



Create your own themes to quickly customize the look and feel


Getting Started

Read the documentation or visit Github to get started.