Geomicons Open

Open Source Icons for the Web

Fast, Plain & Simple

Smaller than similar webfonts and with fewer network requests than other solutions, Geomicons Open is built from the ground up for performance. Designed on a grid for pixel-precision at standard sizes, each icon is hand-coded to avoid the extra bloat from traditional vector drawing applications.

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Current set (v0.0.1)


Link to geomicons.min.js and include the geomicons.svg file in your project.

<script src="geomicons.min.js"></script>

Use the following markup with the geomicon class and a data-id attribute.

<span class="geomicon" data-id="heart"></span>

Style with CSS.

  .fill-red { fill: red; }
<span class="geomicon fill-red" data-id="heart"></span>

For more detailed documentation, view the README.

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