To export as static HTML with a client-side JS bundle, use the build command.

mdx-go build docs

This will create a dist/ directory with an HTML file for each route and include a main.js bundle.


To ensure emotion or styled-components styles are rendered during build, include one of these libraries as a dependency in your package.json.

For emotion, be sure to install emotion-server for static export.

npm i emotion-server


To export a site as static HTML without JS, use the --static flag.

mdx-go build docs --static


When exporting for use on a domain with a base path, such as gh-pages, use the --basename CLI flag to specify the path.

mdx-go build docs --basename /mdx-go


Use the following CLI options to customize the export.

  -d --out-dir  Output directory for static export
  --basename    Base path for routing
  --static      Export HTML without JS bundle