Getting Started

mdx-go is best suited as a globally available dev server for React that can be used in any project. Install mdx-go globally with the following command:

npm install -g mdx-go

Create a docs folder and docs/index.mdx file.

import MyComponent from '../src'

# Component Demo


Start the dev server on the docs folder:

mdx-go docs

npm run scripts

Alternatively, mdx-go can be installed as a development dependency and used with run scripts in your package.json.

"scripts": {
  "dev": "mdx-go docs",
  "docs": "mdx-go build docs"
npm run dev


mdx-go is built with the idea of Progressive Documentation in mind, intended to be used anywhere as a dev server, prototyping tool, or simple static site generator. By embracing the MDX file format, the docs you create with mdx-go can easily be used in other tools. Start your docs with mdx-go and migrate to tools like Next.js and Gatsby when needed. You can even keep mdx-go around to use as a dev tool outside of other React applications.