This is a demonstration page for MDX typographic styles provided by the StyleProvider component.

Hamburger 1

Hamburger 2

Hamburger 3

Hamburger 4

Hamburger 5
Hamburger 6
This is a fenced code block

This is a live code block

<h3>This is a live code block</h3>

This is a paragraph with inline code and italics and bold and a link.

Hello, this is a blockquote.


  • This is a list
  • Of things that can be listed
  • And this particular item is really really long. Much longer than the other items, so it should wrap, but still look okay.
  • And here's the last item


  • checklist
  • things you could do
  • check items off the list
  • ignore the checklist

Ordered Lists

  1. Get Ready
  2. Get Set
  3. Go!
colorstringText color
bgstringBackground color
mtnumber, string, or arraymargin top
mbnumber, string, or arraymargin bottom

This is a really long heading that should wrap but still look okay with regard to line height