Using MDX

MDX combines the simplicity of markdown with the ability to import and use React components inline.

Write markdown like you normally would.

# Hello

Import and use React components inline.

import { Box } from 'grid-styled'

# Hello

<Box p={3} bg='tomato'>
  This is a React component!


MDX uses the ES export syntax to communicate with its parent. mdx-go makes use of this to customize layouts, routing, and set other configuration options.

For example, a custom Root component that wraps the entire app can be added by exporting Root from your index.mdx file.

export const Root = props =>
      color: 'tomato'

# Tomato

Live Code Examples

Fenced code blocks can be automatically converted to live code examples using react-live. To enable this feature, use either the ComponentProvider or the StyleProvider component in a custom Root component.

When LiveCode is enabled, the following code block with the .jsx language attribute, will be converted into a live example, as seen below.

<h3>Edit me</h3>

Edit me

<h3>Edit me</h3>

To learn more about using MDX, see the MDX docs.